Hey there hot dog lovers! Here’s a little information about us.

My husband and I had always wanted to and talked often about starting a food truck. We went back a forth a few times on what type of food to sell. We continually kept coming back to the idea of providing an all-american food, something simple, yet satisfying. Then we thought “who doesn’t love a hot dog”? From there we began the search for a truck and found the super amazing Wunder Wiener.

The truck brought a smile to our faces and was exactly what we had envisioned. Hot dogs from a truck that looks like a hot dog? How fun is that? The Hot Dog Cart

We have tailored our menu to cater to those that love a good basic hot dog and also for those that enjoy a combination of flavors. We realize there are those of you that have some dietary restrictions or maybe just prefer variety. This is why we offer Hebrew National Beef, turkey and vegetarian dogs. Bun choice is just as important so we offer regular buns, sprouted grain and gluten free buns. We love using organic products if they are available. Hope to see you all around town. We are happy to cater any event. Visit our “Contact Us” page and let us know if you have any questions.

Saving the Day One Dog at a Time!